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Gerold Porzellan

A website dedicated to the fine porcelain collectibles produced from 1904 - 1997 in

Tettau, Bavaria, West Germany

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Gerold Porzellan - Fine porcelain collectibles from Tettau, Germany

Welcome to the Gerold Porzellan Collector's Website.


Gerold Mark

This website is a source of information dedicated to the history, research and preservation of Gerold Porzellan from Tettau, Bavaria, Germany. Gerold porcelain was produced between the years of 1904 and 1997. Germany has long been renowned for having some of the finest porcelain artists and manufacturing facilities in the world. Gerold is no exception and some items are rare.

If you've never heard of Gerold porcelain before, you are not alone.  The Gerold Porzellan Company is one of the lesser known Bavarian producers of fine porcelain, but gaining popularity due in part to this website.  Prior to 1999, there were no websites on the World Wide Web to provide any information about these collectible porcelain figurines and household items, which the company produced from 1904 to 1997. The Photo Gallery includes thousands of photos, just a fraction of what the company produced.  What I have managed to find out about the company can be found on the History page.  Information about the Gerold Porzellan marks can be found on the Marks page.  Please enjoy viewing the various photo galleries of porcelain created by the Gerold Porzellan using the navigation menu on the left.

For those of you who are visiting for the first time, let me explain that this website is for informational purposes only.   Please see my Disclaimer.  The Photo Gallery contains pictures donated by people from all over the world of their Gerold Porzellan collectibles, thereby providing a means for others to identify their own Gerold items.  This website is a photo gallery of thousands of photos which I have compiled over the course of 14 years. I do not sell the items you see in the photos.  I do not sell replacement parts. This is my hobby. I am in no way affiliated with the Gerold Porzellan Company, in fact, the company no longer exists.


Note To ebayers !
The content on this website is copyrighted and therefore I request that you ASK MY PERMISSION before quoting any information in your item description. 


Want to know the value of your Gerold Porzellan item?

Value GuideThe number one question I'm always asked is what an item is worth.  In the beginning I was nervous about quoting a price because I am not a licensed appraiser.  (again, see my Disclaimer) However, the same question continued to be asked time after time.  Therefore, I have created a Price Guide with all of the current known values, guesstimates, and what I feel an item is worth after 40+ years of collecting.  I am making the Price Guide available for a minimal fee of $14.99 to help defray the cost of web hosting.  This is the 5th year for the Price Guide and I have just updated it with even more photos, listing dozens of missing model numbers.  For more information on how to obtain this list, go to the Price Guide page

NEW!  Only need the value for 1 or 2 Gerold items? Now instead of purchasing the Value Guide in it's entirety, you can just purchase the information for just one gallery!  See how.

Submit A Photo

If you have photos that you would like to submit to the gallery please go to the Contact page for more information.  Not all photos are accepted especially if others of an identical item exist.  Be sure to include your full name so I can cite you as the owner of the photo.  Also include any markings, incised model numbers, artist name, etc, that are on the item.


If you have information or historical knowledge of the Gerold Porzellan Company or its' marks, I want to hear from you!  I would like to learn as much as I can about the company and the products they produced. Please contact me  and I will reply to you as soon as possible.  I am especially very interested in the Gerold catalogs, brochures, flyers...any documentation, as these provide so much information about the products including the pictures.


Missing Model Numbers & Dimensions

A German number 7Another way to help grow this resource is to provide missing model numbers.

Throughout the site you will notice many figurines missing their model numbers mainly because they were either too difficult to read or, rarely, they simply did not have one inscribed on the bottom of the item.  If you have a Gerold Porzellan item with a legible model number and I don't have it listed, please contact me.

Some model numbers are very difficult to see, but with a flashlight, or by looking at it in bright sunlight may help to see it more clearer.  Also, during that time period in Germany their 1's and 7's looked very similar except the numeral 7 had a cross-hatch through it.

I'm also interested in the dimensions of items that have none listed.

Spread the Word! megaphone

Please help spread the word about this website and send the link to your collector friends, antique dealers & anyone else you think would be interested.  This site is constantly evolving and being updated with new photos and/or information. 

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Sincere Thanks!

Thank You!And now a note of personal thanks...I am so grateful to everyone who has given me permission to post their photos...without them this site wouldn't be possible.  I take no credit for these photos...they belong to other people who have donated them for the purpose of helping other people to identify and learning more about their Gerold Porzellan. 


Best Regards,

JoAnn Snow
Gerold Porzellan Collector

I would love to hear from other collectors! Contact

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NEW!  Only need the value for 1 or 2 Gerold items? Now instead of purchasing the complete Value Guide, you can purchase the information for just one gallery!  See how.


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