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Gerold Porzellan

A website dedicated to the fine porcelain collectibles produced from 1904 - 1997 in

Tettau, Bavaria, West Germany

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Value Guidelines

The value of each piece of Gerold Porzellan depends on its availability, size, mark, and model number incised on the underside of the item.

The mark indicates whether or not it was produced pre- or post-1949. See the marks page.   Any item with the pre-1949 mark is valued higher.  With the exception of the Design Florist vases, the items should also have at least a four-digit number incised on the bottom of the base signifying the model number. I believe the lower the number, the older it is.  In the case of pairs, sets, or different sizes of the same item, you will see a slash (/) plus either a number or letter of the alphabet.  In many case the males ended with a /A to signify it has an accompanying female /B.  Another example would be a /1 or a /2, /3, /4, etc. to indicate the exact same mold was made in different sizes.

The value can also depend on what the item is.  For example, ashtrays, birds, trinket boxes, and vases are the most common items and do not bring as much as figurines, steins, and many household items.

The model numbers range in series:

model #2000 Series
model #3000 Series
model #4000 Series
model #5000 Series
model #6000 Series
model #7000 Series
model #8000 Series
model #9000 Series

If a figurine has multiple figures on a base the value also increases.

Example of a large figurine: Example of a small figurine:

Multiple figures on a base. The shepherdess with 4 geese.

A single figure of a girl on a base.


A Master Price List with the current values of the items pictured in the Photo Gallery can be purchased for $25.99


Disclaimer: The content on this website is for informational purposes only. All values are based on my own personal observations, research, 40 years of  collecting,  and the last known price at which the item was sold.  I am not an expert in the value of antiquities nor am I a licensed appraiser.

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