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Tettau, Bavaria, West Germany

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 Gerold Porzellan Marks

During their brief years of manufacturing, Gerold Porzellan has had a number of different marks.  They've used a variety of colors, such as green, blue, black, and gold inks.  I believe the color ink may have designated a change in the manufacturing ownership and/or a particular time period.  Until some time in the 80's the marks were green, then they switched to blue.  Gold was mainly used for export or some souvenirs.

The wording in the Gerold marks has changed slightly, as well.  Some are marked, "Tettau, Bavaria" while others are marked simply, "Bavaria".  Bavaria is a region in Germany where many porcelain manufacturers were located. In the nineteenth century, the mark often included the word Bavaria. After 1871, the words Bavaria, Germany, were used.

The "Made in Germany" mark was introduced in the years following the McKinley Tariff Act from 1890, but...

"With the founding of the German Democratic Republic in October 1949, the new East German Government started to instruct companies to replace the capitalist marking 'Made in Germany' with 'Made in GDR' or 'Made in German Democratic Republic'.  The West German manufacturers took up the challenge and started to mark their products with 'Made in W. Germany' or 'Made in West Germany', distancing themselves from the now state owned companies of the GDR.  After the fall of the Wall in November of 1989 and the official German reunification  on October 3rd 1990, all companies instantly used 'Made in Germany' again.  The exact proceedings had been formed into a law by the West German Government some time before.  Therefore you can be sure that a product marked 'Made in West Germany' or 'Made in German Democratic Republic' can only gave been made between 1950 and 1990.  On the other hand one should hold in mind that some East German companies continued to use 'Made in Germany' even after the founding of the German Democratic Republic; some even used it up until 1972.  so an item claimed to have been made before 1949 could also have been made much later, a dating is only possible when knowing more about the marking procedures of the company."   Source:

Therefore, the Gerold's that have "Made in Germany" were manufactured from between 1937 and October 1949, while the marks, "Made in Western Germany" and "Made in W. Germany" were used after the founding of the German Democratic Republic (October 1949) and used through October 1989.

Gerold's that are marked, "Gerold & Co" were used for exporting into communist countries as all West German products were banned.  Many companies used this tactic to get around the bans.

The molds were used over and over throughout their years of manufacturing so that even though many items may have the same model number, they could have been produced years apart.  Take for example, the photos of these vases of model #6384 provided by Tim Fitzpatrick:

Fig. 1

Fig. 2


Fig. 4

Fig. 5

All three vases  look alike (Fig. 1), yet each has a slightly different mark indicating they have been produced at different times, which I believe to be between 1949 and 1989 (Fig. 2-5).

Note To ebayers !
The content on this website is copyrighted and therefore I request that you ASK MY PERMISSION before quoting any of this information in your item description.


Shown below are the different marks the company has used:


1920-1937-neue-porzellan-mark 1920-1948 mark 1927-1937 mark 
NP Neu Porzellan Tettau
Used during 1920-1937 when the company was called  the Neue Porzellanfabrik Tettau e.G.m.b.H. 
copyright © Karyn Hudson
Used with Permission
Neue Tettau Porzellanfabrik Bavaria AG
Used during 1928-1937
copyright 2013 Unknown* 
Gerold Swan Logo Neu Tettau Bavaria
Neu Tettau logo 1029-1937 Made In Germany - U. S. Zone Mark

The words "Made in Germany, U.S. – Zone," were added to marks on pieces from some factories in the Occupied section of Germany after World War II.

Photo Copyright © 2013 John McKennee
Used with Permission
Used during 1929-1937 when the company was called Neue Porzellanfabrik Tettau A.G. (1923 until 1937)
copyright © 2013 Anonymous
Used with permission

 Immediately after WW2, in what was to become West Germany was partitioned into the British, French and U.S. Zones of Occupation. The U.S. Zone included southern Germany including the area known as Tettau, Bavaria where Gerold Porzellan was produced.  The Americans often guaranteed the purchase of the whole production run of certain manufactured goods from German factories because the German manufacturers sold a great deal of their products to Allied servicemen who were based in Germany, many of whom had their families living with them. Along with other manufactured goods in that region, manufacturers had the country of origin mark as "US Zone Germany" until the early fifties when the Allies ceased being armies of occupation and then the marks became "Made in Western Germany".



  Mark - Gerold Porzellan Bavaria Mark with separate Made in Germany Stamp Made in Western Germany
Gerold & Co Tettau
copyright © 2008 JoAnn Snow

Gerold's that are marked, "Gerold & Co" were used for exporting into communist countries as all West German products were banned.  Many companies used this tactic to get around the bans.
Gerold Porzellan
1937 - 1949 Green Mark
copyright © Lindsay Wilcox 2008
Gerold Porzellan
Made in Western-Germany

Here is an example of a pre-1949 mark with a separate "Made in Western-Germany" stamp.  Apparently, these items had already been made, but because of the founding of the GDR they quickly added the stamp to be in compliance for trade.
Gerold Porzellan
Made in
Western Germany
Post 1949 - 1989 Green Mark.  Note the omission of the hyphen between Western Germany.
copyright © 2008 Cindy Amundsen
MVC-569X.jpg (57851 bytes) logo Gerold Porzellan Round Gerold logo
Gerold Porzellan
Tettau Bavaria
Made in West Germany
1949 - 1989 Blue Mark. Note how Western was changed to West.
copyright © 2008 JoAnn Snow
Made in W.-Germany
1949 - 1989 Blue Mark. Note how the West was changed to W. -

copyright © Rudolf Buss 2003
Used with permission
Made in W.-Germany
1949 - 1989 Black Mark. Note the West - Germany

copyright © Unknown*
Round Gerold-Porzellan Mark
West Germany
Post 1949 - 1989 Green Mark



The "Handpainted" stamp was not commonly used. Many Gerolds were ordered by gift shops and other exclusive shops or exported, so it might have been a contractual detail ordered by a particular company who wanted people to understand the item was indeed handpainted.
Gerold Kueps 
Seit 1904 (Since 1904)
Made in Germany
1937 and October 1949 in Green
copyright © 2008 J.L. Starken
Used with Permission
Some products were decorated in the U.S. as indicated by this mark:
Hand Decorated in the U.S.A.
copyright © Tim Fitzpatrick 2003
Used with permission
Old Vienna
Souvenir from Austria
Gerold Porzellan
Export mark for Austria
Used with Permission
Gerold Kueps
Made in Bavaria
handgefertigt (Handmade)
Used from 1997 to 2002 by Gerold Kueps, a subsidiary of the Seltmann Weiden Group that bought out the Gerold Porzellan company.
Gerold Mark with a Crown and Letter N below    
Gerold Porzellan and the letter "N" below a Crown.
copyright © 2014 The Linden House Antiques
Used with Permission

I have seen this mark only 3 times and after some research, as far as I can tell, this mark may have been used to export into communist countries.
Gerold Porzellan
Made in Western-Germany
1949 - 1989 Gold Mark (usually found on a souvenir item)
copyright © Tim Fitzpatrick 2003
Used with permission
Paper Seals      
6758Neue Porzellanfabrik Gerold & Co. Tettau Paper Seal Gerold Porzellan Paper Label Mark Gerold paper seal Made in West Germany MVC-568X.JPG (66691 bytes)
Neue Porzellanfabrik Gerold & Co. Tettau Paper Seal
Gerold Porzellan Bavaria
Paper Label
copyright © JoAnn Snow
Used in the 1950's
Made in West Germany
Round Seal after 1989
copyright © JoAnn Snow
75 Jahre (Years)
Gerold Porzellan
Blue/Gold Seal
copyright © Rudolf Buss 2003
Used with permission
85 Years Gerold Porzellan Bavaria Seal     
80 Jahre (Years)
Gerold Porzellan
Blue/Gold Seal
copyright © 2012 Nicole Grevecke
Used with permission
Golden Crown
E & R
Western Germany
Black Seal
© Celeste Day
Used with permission

This is the seal used by Ebeling and Reuss Importers located in Pennsylvania, which is still in business today.  In the 1950's they were the largest suppliers of high quality giftware, including porcelain products, in North Eastern United States.  The original owners, John E. F. Zeh, Frederick Ebeling and Theodore Reuss started out in Philadelphia, but settled in Allentown. Today they are owned by the Strathmore Corporation of Pennsylvania. 
Gold Diamond-Shaped Label
Gerold Porzellan
No history on this label
copyright © Tim Fitzpatrick 2003
Used with permission



Other Gerold Porzellan Trademarks


Design Florist Mark

In the 70's, this mark was made for a line of ultra modern vases by Gerold Porzellan for florists.
Design Florist Mark

Design Florist Paper logo
Design Florist Paper Logo
Design Florist Mark

Design florist mark
Blue Pageant Marks

Some Blue Pageant products have the word Porzellam, but it is not misspelled, but rather it is a trademark used by Gerold Porzellan.  The "Blue Pageant" was a special unmarked (no Gerold mark) export series produced before 1960.  One distributor was "Clarkson Table Appointments" in Canada.
Information copyright 2004 Christopher-Simon Marshall. Used with permission.

Blue Pageant Mark

TA mark
Blue Pageant
Porzellan Bavaria - Germany
The black area of the top image is difficult to see, but there is a crown and in gold lettering, the letters "TA," as shown above.

Photo image above Copyright 1998-2004. Replacements, Ltd. All rights reserved.
Available at

Mark: PORZELLAM, Bavaria, Germany
Style #: 77039
See more Blue Pageant items in the
Tableware Gallery .
Neue Porzellan Tettau Mark

Neue Porzellan Tettau Gerold-Serie Mark Antik weiss
Gerold-Serie Coffee Service Set
These are examples of products with this particular mark.  A dish and a coffee service set.
Gerold-Serie Antik Weiss
copyright © 2013 Monika Brigitta Fuchs
Used with Permission

This mark was found on a lovely dish with the Model # 8194. I believe it to be a special line of products made for upscale shops or even for one particular company.  The owner describes it as having been purchased in the 1980's through "Heine-Versand", an exclusive line of Otto-Versand.  Otto-Versand was once the largest mail order catalog in the world and sold everything from shoes to household decorations.  Heine-Versand still operates today.

Unknown*  - An attempt was made to contact the owner for permission to include the photo in the gallery. These are photos for which I have not yet received formal permission to post because they never replied.  It is my position to post them (saves me time when I can do all of them at one time) and wait for the permission.  Some photos have been sent to me by people, but provide no information. I include them here for resource purposes in the hopes they will help other people to identify and learn more about their Gerold items. I am happy to provide a copyright notice if the photo  belongs to you.  As proof it is your photo, please send me the original along with your full name. If you want it removed I will regrettably comply.  You can contact me here. This is a labor of love for those who collect or sell Gerold Porzellan.


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Graphic image of Gerold Porzellan mark 

The mark is a shield topped with a crown and flanked on either side with what appear to be grape leaves and grape clusters.  In the shield there appears to be an animal head with a ring in its mouth. It's not entirely visible in this rendering of the logo, but more visible in the logo itself.

logo animal head


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