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A website dedicated to the fine porcelain collectibles produced from 1904 - 1997 in

Tettau, Bavaria, West Germany

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Gerold Porzellan Value Guide

only $24.99 for the whole catalog!

The new and updated 2016 edition of the Gerold Porzellan Value Guide is now available!
You'll find thousands of items listed that were produced by the Gerold Porzellan Company.


Now you can purchase just one chapter for $5.00! (See list below)

Currently, the Value Guide includes the estimated values of 1,900+ Gerold Porzellan items!  A cross-reference numeric index is included with the purchase of the full catalog so that if you know the model number you will be able to look up the value quickly.

This list is by no means complete as I am always adding new photos and updating the current values.  I try to update it once a year.

Currently, the catalog has 349+ pages and will be delivered to you in PDF format using WinZip* (24.1MB)  The link to the Value Guide will come to you in an email, so please be sure to watch for it after you pay for it through PayPal.  If you do not receive the thank you email with the link, check your trash file in case your spam filter trashed it for some reason.  If you cannot find the email, please contact me through the Contact Form on the Contact page.

A German number 7Please note that some of the model numbers may not be correct, though I make every attempt to be sure they are as accurate as possible.  Some people confuse the numbers 1 and 7.  In German, the numeral one is similar to our seven.  The sevens may be confused with our fours.  Some numbers are not heavily incised on the items or easily seen so it might be a guessing game.


Payments by credit card are only accepted via PayPal and you do not need to open an account to pay for this.



Purchase the downloadable Value Guide in it's entirety


(WinZip File)

Please note: 
You will receive an email with the download link after the payment is made.


Don't need the whole catalog for the value of just 1 or 2 pieces? Well...

Now you can purchase just one chapter for $5.00!


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Butterflies & Insects


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Female Figurines

Flower Frogs



Male Figurines



Pot Warmers


Salt & Pepper Shakers



Trinket Boxes


Victorian Figurines

Please note:  You will receive an email with the download link after the payment is made.


PRIVACY NOTE:  Your personal information will never be shared or sold.  No emails will be sent to you other than to reply to you.


*Please note:  To open the files you will need a PDF reader, which you can download for free from the Adobe Acrobat website:

**You should be able to unzip the files without any problems, but if you need the WinZip software program, a trial version can be downloaded at their website: software is not free, so please purchase it or uninstall it when done using it.


How to Use The Value Guide

First, my disclaimer:

The content of this website and price guide is for informational purposes only. All values listed in the Gerold Porzellan Value Guide (GPVG) are based on my own personal research, 40+ years of collecting, and the last known price at which an item was sold.  I am not an expert in the value of antiquities nor am I a licensed appraiser.  No guarantees or expressed warranties are implied as to the values stated in the GPVG. 

Instructions for use:

If a model number inscribed on the bottom of the item exists and is legible, turn to the Numerical Listing page to see if your model number is shown in the first column of the list.  If so, in the second column, a small photo will accompany the number.  You will see a description of the item in the third column and price value in the fourth column.

If no model number exists, look through the list of photo gallery titles to see if your item may fall into one of those categories then turn to that section in the GPVG.  You may have to think outside the box, for instance, a female figurine may be found under the Ballerinas, Females, Nudes, Victorians, etc categories.  Check the Miscellaneous category if you don’t see a title for an item you have.   Tableware is a large category and includes all types of plates, compotes, dinnerware, but might also find your item in the Kitchenware gallery.

If you have trouble locating an item on the website or GPVG, it’s possible I may not have yet seen it.  Simply contact me at and I will try to help you.  Be sure to attach a photo and indicate any numbers or other markings that appear on the bottom.

In the GPVG there are items listed without model numbers… these are not yet know to me. If you have one of these items, I would love for you to drop me a note so I can update the website and the GPVG.

On a personal note:

Some people have asked why I charge money for the GPVG.  I have spent the last 40+ years compiling and researching this data.  It has become more than just a hobby.  It’s a lot of work. Everything I know about the Gerold Porzellan Company is on the website. I receive numerous correspondence a day in reference to Gerold Porzellan to which I must reply.   I receive wonderful catalogs from people all over the world, which I have to first scan, then crop the images, edit the images, post the images, provide information on the web page, then cross-reference the model number, and finally, enter the info into an Excel file.  This takes hours and hours and I’m the only one doing it.  It is actually a labor of love, but there are also financial costs involved.  Hosting the website and the domain name renewal are the biggest expenses.   Last year I only made about $200.00 from the sale of the GPVP’s, which didn’t even cover the cost of the hosting services.


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